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GideaTech Smart Watch with Full Touchscreen and Display of Round Dial, 2019 Version IP67 Waterproof,Fitness Tracker Watch with Pedometer Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Sleep Tracker,Black

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CEGAR 2019 Version Fitness Tracker, Smart Watch with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Sleep Monitor,Waterproof Pedometer Large Color Screenwith Pedometer Calorie Counter Smart Watch for Women Men (Black)

Heart rate detection,Blood pressure detection,Sleep detection
Standard exercises functions (Pedometer、Calorie Consumption、Distance Calculation)
Mult-sport mode:Walking, running, cycling, badminton, basketball, football, swimming
Notification(Withcontent for Facebook, twitter,What app,Wechat,Messaging,Calling)Optional
Other functions:Remote Camera ,Sleep Monitor,Sedentary Reminder(APP),Music Control , alarm clock reminder,Parameters
Screen: 1.3inches Colorful LCD
Motor:Built in, vibratng reminder
Memory:64KB+512KB & add another flash:64M Byte
Waterproof index:IP67
Appearance material top shell: metal
Strap: Silver black /Silica gel band
Strap size:260mm
Charge: usb Charging
Charging Time: about 2hours
Battery Capacity: 290mAh
Working Time: about 3-4day
Standby Time: about 7-8days
Control mode:Single touch
Charging line specification: 2-needle adsorption type
Language support: Chinese, Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese
Compatibility: with Android4.4and above、ISO9.0 and abovePackage Lists:
1 x Smart Watch
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual

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To Thine Own “Health” Be True: Let the Adventure Begin! Learning how to create a new and healthier version of yourself.

To Thine Own Health Be True – The Adventure Begins!… outlines one man’s revelation into the nature of food as medicine. After years of declining health and forced to take handfuls of prescription medication each day, the author was eventually struck down with a crippling auto immune disease that was so debilitating that taking his own life seemed like a viable option. Desperate and looking for other options, John began to seek out answers to his growing health problems. After months of research, answers emerged, and a picture began to materialize that gave him hope and a positive direction. Choosing to take the road less traveled, John took total control over his body and his health and things began to “rapidly” change for the better. Within a relatively short period of time John was able to regain his vitality as his symptoms of disease began to dissipate and eventually disappear. Soon, his health was restored, and he was able to stop taking one prescription drug after another until he was totally healthy and drug free. The amazing thing? It only took 8 weeks to be well and vital! John turned back time on his body and this book is his attempt to help other people do the same. By becoming aware of the basic principles of health and making some meaningful changes and choices, John experienced what he considered a miraculous healing. But was it really miraculous? John experienced what is possible when a human being simply feeds the body what it needs nutritionally. He found that the body will re-calibrate itself and return to a place of renewed health – full of energy and vitality. Although it seemed like a miracle, his healing came about only after embracing holistic truths about food and making the connection between what we put into our mouths and how we feel, act and live. “It may not be a miracle, but this truth, understood and followed, certainly has miracle like powers”. John explains why most American’s have become so lost in this modern world that a basic fundamental truth, a truth so powerful that it can totally change one’s health and one’s life, is hidden in plain sight and is a virtual secret. America is in the midst of a major health crisis and the basic truths in this book, if heeded, could end the crisis in a matter of weeks! Most Americans are blind to this truth and this simple book can restore one’s sight by opening the eyes to the solutions we all should be seeking. John’s revelation is infectious. “The ultimate adventure of seeking and finding vibrant health is the gateway to a better life… not just a healthier life but a better, happier and more powerful experience of life then you ever thought possible”. John explains, in his easy to follow philosophical way, that by taking control of what you put into your mouth, you are literally taking control of your life. The act of making wise choices regarding one’s health will lead to untold physical AND mental benefits. This book will teach you that having “control over this one thing” will help you to have control over many other things. John’s message is clear: Making health your number one priority elevates everything else in your life including one’s character and happiness. You can’t read To thine Own Health Be True without feeling the comforting soul of the author knowing he’s on your side and will be with you every step of the way. It’s up lifting, it’s impowering, it’s hopeful and it’s life changing! Anyone who finds themselves in the rut of chronic disease and wants to be prescription drug free or anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be 100% vital and healthy will benefit greatly from reading this book. Would you like to go on a real-life adventure where you are the hero? YOU WILL be challenged, and you’ll find yourself enthusiastically accepting the challenge with gusto! It’s all about the “truth setting you free.” Your life is about to change forever…Read this Book! Dr. Gary Nystrom

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