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Need Help With your Blood Pressure?: Record up to 4 Readings Per Day for 1 year, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Pulse, Weight

A blood pressure log book to help you keeping track of your blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, and weight over a full year.

With the size of 6″ x 9″ it’s perfect to carry with you and of course, bring it to your next doctor’s appointment, so you can discuss your progress.

Book Details:

  • 6″ x 9″ look book, paperback cover
  • record your blood pressure (systolic/diastolic), pulse, weight, and blood sugar
  • lets you record up to 4 readings per day
  • keep track of one full year

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blood sugar log book – diabetes log book – daily Diabetic Glucose Tracker Journal – weekly blood sugar diary 2 years: blood sugar blood pressure log … journal log book blood sugar | Easy to use

2-year diabetes log book is designed to help you easily track your sugar levels throughout the day.Weekly Blood Sugar Diary,2 Years, Daily Diabetic Glucose Tracker Journal Book,(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime).Features: * Monday to Sunday tracking * Breakfast (before & after) *Lunch (before & after) *Dinner (before & after) *Bedtime (before & after) * Notes

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Blood Sugar & Blood Pressure Log Book: Track and Monitor Blood Glucose Level Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Weight, Sleep. (Diabetes, BP & Pulse Journal)

This 6×9 inch blood sugar blood pressure log book has 53 weeks worth of charts with 4 spaces a day for you to log your blood sugar, diabetes, blood pressure, heart rate, and notes.

Product Features:

  • Practical Size – Our 6 x 9 inch allowing you to take it anywhere.  
  • Undated format allows you to start at any time and track your progress for 1 years.
  • Safe Record Keeping – By using a logbook you never need to worry about a device glitch losing your data.

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