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Blood Pressure Log Book: Record Up to 4 Readings Per Day for 1 Full Year. Keeps Track of BP and Pulse, with Space for Notes

A simple blood pressure log book to keep track of your blood pressure and pulse over a full year. 

Small enough to bring with you to your doctors appointments. 

Plenty of space to make notes for any symptoms, issues, or questions you need to address with your Doctor. 

  • convenient 6″ x 9″ size makes it easy to take with you
  • Records up to 4 readings per day
  • Records date, time, Systolic/Diastolic, pulse, and notes
  • Holds 1 full year of readings and notes

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Blood Pressure Log Book: Daily Personal Record and Health Monitor Tracker (includes Heart Rate & Notes) Large Print (Wellness Tracker Record Books)

This is a daily tracker for you to log your blood pressure. Track it several times a day. There are separate columns for you to record the date, time, diastolic pressure, systolic pressure, Heart Rate (Pulse) and notes.

Make things easy for your doctor with this handy book.

Spot patterns and trends by maintaining a daily record. Your doctor will thank you.

Get on top of your health today.


  • 120 pages
  • 8*10 inches (Large Size)
  • white pages inside

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BP Journal – BP Log Book: A 6×9 inch BP tracker / Blood pressure tracking journal for 53 weeks, with space for 4 readings a day to monitor bp, pulse / … taken, notes, trends, and questions

This 6×9 inch blood pressure journal / blood pressure log book has 53 weeks worth of charts with 4 spaces a day for you to log your blood pressure, heart rate, and notes. Each week starts with a spot for you to record the dates and a weekly weigh in, and ends with more space for additional notes, trends, fitness or health goals, or questions for your doctor. The beginning of this journal has space for you to record your medications, so that you will have all this key info handy at each doctor’s appointment. This bp journal also include handy charts to help you interpret your blood pressure readings and heart rate readings so that you can see if you are in a healthy range or not. Small enough to put in a purse, but large enough to easily record your info, this is perfect for keeping track of your heart health and makes a great gift to a loved one who needs to keep track of this info. Your doctor will thank you for bringing this with you to each appointment, and will be better able to help you manage your health and blood pressure!

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