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1byone Blood Pressure Monitor, Large Upper Arm Cuff and Bluetooth Digital BP Monitor with Large 4.7 Inch Screen and Free Health Records App

1byone Blood Pressure Monitor is fully automatic and provides systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings and heart rate with a touch of a button.
The fully adjustable arm cuff fits adult arms of all types, and the monitor can run completely on battery power.

Cuff Adjustment Range: 22cm-42cm (8 3/4 in -16 1/2 in)
APP: 1byone Health
Power: AC adapter (not included, available on Amazon):100~240V~50/60Hz, 0.3A Max Or 4 x AAA batteries (not included)

Our new APP 1byone Heath is available now. Please download it from APP store or Google Play.Any issue with this new APP or you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to contact us though Amazon or the APP help page.

What in The Box:
1 x 1byone Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
1 x adjustable arm cuff
1 x instruction manual
1 x nylon storage case

Why do I seem to get different blood pressure readings at home than in the hospital clinic?

Note: Blood pressure can fluctuate throughout the day due to weather, emotions, exercise, etc. Blood pressure may also fluctuate between the clinical environment (hospital) and home as a “white coat” effect means some patients’ blood pressures will increase in a clinic setting due to anxiety.

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BP Journal – BP Log Book: A 6×9 inch BP tracker / Blood pressure tracking journal for 53 weeks, with space for 4 readings a day to monitor bp, pulse / … taken, notes, trends, and questions

This 6×9 inch blood pressure journal / blood pressure log book has 53 weeks worth of charts with 4 spaces a day for you to log your blood pressure, heart rate, and notes. Each week starts with a spot for you to record the dates and a weekly weigh in, and ends with more space for additional notes, trends, fitness or health goals, or questions for your doctor. The beginning of this journal has space for you to record your medications, so that you will have all this key info handy at each doctor’s appointment. This bp journal also include handy charts to help you interpret your blood pressure readings and heart rate readings so that you can see if you are in a healthy range or not. Small enough to put in a purse, but large enough to easily record your info, this is perfect for keeping track of your heart health and makes a great gift to a loved one who needs to keep track of this info. Your doctor will thank you for bringing this with you to each appointment, and will be better able to help you manage your health and blood pressure!

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Blood Pressure Log: LARGE PRINT 6×9 inch, 52 Week Blood pressure log book (Landscape Cover) (LARGE PRINT JOURNAL)

  • Large Print
  • 52 Week Log book
  • 6″ x 9″
  • Cover page for your details
  • A page to record what is normal, your minimum and maximum blood pressure range.
  • Each week is on a 2 day spread
  • 4 time slots for each day
  • Record the time, Systolic (upper number), Diastolic (lower number), and a note if necessary.

Log your blood pressure for 52 weeks in this 6″ x 9″ journal. Each week is covered on a 2 day spread, with 4 slots for each day. The columns allow you to record the time, Systolic (upper number) and Diastolic (lower number), and include any notes you might want to add.

Book includes a cover page to write in your details in case the book is lost or there is a medical emergency. 

An additional page allows you to write in your normal, minimum and maximum blood pressure in a chart so you know where you are on your scale and when to get emergency care. While other books post a chart with the numbers filled in, they don’t take into account that what is “normal” varies by age, and in some cases by person.  

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