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HYLOGY Blood Pressure Monitor, Digital Upper Arm Blood Pressure Machine Automatic with Large Screen Display and 2 Users Modes,180 Memories Storage

HYLOGY Aims to Protect Your Health

Why Choose HYLOGY Blood Pressure Monitor?
● Blood Pressure can determine heart function and peripheral vascular resistance.
● Blood Pressure is also an important part of diagnosing diseases, observing changes in conditions, and judging the effects of treatment.
● HYLOGY is a globally renowned brand, our products have CE/FDA certification, the brand you can trusted!
● HYLOGY Blood Pressure Monitor with self-designed biotechnology high-precision sensor technology German chip.

Normal Blood Pressure
1. The pulse pressure is 30-40mmHg
2. The diastolic pressure is 60-89mmHg
3. The normal range of systolic blood pressure is 90-139mmHg
4. The range of normal blood pressure in a normal adult is relatively stable

Abnormal Blood Pressure
(1) Hypotension: Blood pressure lower than 90/60 mmHg.
(2) High blood pressure: Under the premise of not using antihypertensive drugs, systolic blood pressure≥140mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure≥90mmHg in adults over 18 years of age.

✪ Bandages should be tied to the left hand and can’t be tied to the right hand, which will affect the accuracy of the data.
✪ Sitting posture and sleeping position are the best. Do not stand to measure blood pressure. This will increase your blood pressure.
✪ When using the blood pressure monitor, full body natural relaxation, don’t talk, eat, drink water and so on.

If you have any questions or problems with the product, please contact us on Amazon at the first time.
We provide 24-month warranty and professional customer service support.
Wish you have a satisfied and happy shopping experience!

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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor HYLOGY Blood Pressure Cuff Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Machine, Accurate & Fast Reading with 2 * 120 Memory Storage

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Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm, HYLOGY LED Touch Screen and Voice Broadcast Blood Pressure Machine, Adjustable Blood Pressure Cuff with 2-Users 180-Reading Memories Support Type-C Charge

We provide free return & exchange service within 45 days and free technical assistance. HYLOGY friendly and effective after-sale service will put your worries aside.
If you have any problem, please contact us from email via [email protected] .

Package Contents
1*Main Unit
1*User Manual
4*AAA Batteries

Important Measurement Tips
Please keep quiet for 5-10 minutes and avoid eating, drinking, smoking, exercising and bathing before taking measurements.
Please roll up your sleeves when measuring, or wear thin clothes.
Always measure the same arm(usually on the left).
Measure regularly at the same time every day because blood pressure changes even in a day.
Keep your upper arm at the same height of your heart.
All above factors may affect the results

*Please press the START button 3 times to switch on the machine(In order to avoid unnecessary battery and machine loss caused by touching casually).

*Do not plug in the adapter when using a dry battery, and vice versa.

Detailed information available on our homepage…