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High blood pressure, called hypertension by doctors, affects nearly one out of every three Americans. High blood pressure can cause a multitude of serious medical problems. The good news is that there are medications and lifestyle changes that are very effective at treating problems with blood pressure. Damage to the body slows down or stops when blood pressure is brought under control.In order to understand hypertension, it is first necessary to understand what blood pressure is and how it occurs.The body’s tissues depend on nourishment from the blood in order to survive. Blood circulates to all body tissues through a network of blood vessels and organs known as the circulatory system. The blood is entirely contained by the circulatory system. It stays within the various vessels, arteries and organs (the lungs and heart) comprising the circulatory system and fills the space within that system pretty much completely.

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Blood Pressure Log Book: Daily Blood Pressure Tracker – Small Black Medical Log Journal for Men and Women – 6 x 9 – 4 BP Measurements a Day – Record … when Monitoring High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Log Book

Record your blood pressure 4 times a day for over a year. Bring your logged blood pressure to your doctor’s appointments so the effectiveness of the treatment of your high blood pressure can be accurately assessed.

Small Blood Pressure Tracker

This compact 6 x 9 log book is portable and easy to take with you. Fits easily into your purse or bag when you are out and about.

Blood Pressure Journal Features:

  • Measure your blood pressure 4 times a day.
  • Space for notes daily and at the end of the week.
  • Undated so you can start at any time.
  • 53 weeks worth of blood pressure tracking
  • Having a paper blood pressure log ensures that your data will not disappear if your app or blood pressure machine glitches.


  • 6 x 9 inches
  • 101 Pages
  • Glossy Paperback Cover
  • Bright white paper
  • Printed locally

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URBEST Blood Pressure Monitor – Accurate Digital BP Machine Extra Large Upper Arm Blood Pressure Cuff with Large Backlit Display,2-Users 180 Memory Automatic High Blood Pressure Detector for Home

【2020 Latest】RUBEST Blood Pressure Monitor Accurate Digital Large Upper Arm BP Machine Cuff

Why Choose URBEST Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor?

It is important to track changes in your blood pressure every day . Our BP monitor has an accurate automatic systems and a 180 reading memory to help you keep track of your daily health – all in less than one minute.

What You Get?

1 X Blood Pressure Monitor

1 X Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Cuff

1 X USB Cable

4 AAA Batteries

1 X Storage Case

1 X Instruction Manual

Adjustable Comfortable Extra Large Cuff

This BP monitor is suitable for standard and large adult arms from 9 to 17 inches. Our extra large blood pressure cuff features cuff wrapping and body movement detection, which could make your blood pressure measuring more accurate.

One-Touch Operation

The digital blood pressure is fully automatic, just press the Start/Stop button for once fully automatic measurement. Our BP machine can measure both blood pressure and heart rate with an irregular heart indicator.

2 Users Mode & 180 Reading Memory

Two users have their own independent measurement records. Helps two family members to easily track their health, blood pressure and heart rate according to the specific time and date.

Two ways of charging

The high blood pressure monitor supports USB charging and battery installation. More convenient for traveling and home use.

How to measure an accurate blood pressure?

1. Put the left arm into the cuff. The pipe is in the middle arm.

2. Wrap the cuff around your upper left arm, 2 or 3 cm distance above the elbow.

3. Perfect degree of tightness is to insert a finger.

4. Calm down and select your user ID(1 or 2), press the Start/Stop button.

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