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The Simple Guide To Diabetes: A Helpful Companion To Understanding Diabetes And It’s Complications (Includes Food To Eat & Those To Avoid) (Diabetes Demystified)

If You Want To Learn How To Treat, Reverse or Effectively Manage Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Read On..

People living with type 2 diabetes have a long to-do list when it comes to managing their condition. Most people have to:

  • Monitor their blood sugar throughout the day,
  • Eat a diabetes-friendly diet,
  • Exercise regularly,
  • Take medication, and
  • Make frequent visits to their doctors. 

And while there are resources available to people newly diagnosed with the disease, managing it can at first seem overwhelming, especially because day-to-day diabetes care really falls to the patient.

…It doesn’t have to be this way.

Having witnessed the devastating effects of diabetes on my own family, I know first hand the challenges patients face. I helped my parents get their condition under control and I believe I can help you as well.

This is exactly why I’ve come up with a simple blueprint that guides you step by step through the entire journey to managing, treating or reversing your condition.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The factors that increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes (and why)
  • The profile of people that are most at risk of developing prediabetes and gestational diabetes
  • The different types of diabetes, their causes, symptoms, complications and the different treatment(s) required for each type.
  • 22 myths about diabetes that perpetuate unhealthy practices that may lead to more problems (we debunk all of them!)
  • 4 effective diabetes prevention and management strategies
  • 8 Equipments you need to consider purchasing to help manage diabetes
  • 6 exercise routines suitable for diabetics (aswell as those you need to avoid)
  • A detailed weight loss guide for diabetics
  • Meal plans that will help you to minimize the risk of developing diabetes and other health conditions (including 5 Key characteristics of a diabetic meal plan)
  • Types of food to eat and those to avoid
  • The correct way to distribute your calories per meal
  • Simple, delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for diabetics
  • A macronutrient conversion table to help you make your own meals or to check the nutrient content of your favorite recipes

…and much, much more! 

“Love It, My sister is new to diabetes and this book gave her some hope. After receiving the life altering news of Type II Diabetes she didn’t know what she could/could not eat but the recipe book was very helpful. Had a lot of recipes she instantly liked.” – Amazon Verified Review

If you’re ready to tackle the above questions, I’m ready, scroll to the top of this page, click the “Buy now” button and lets get started!

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The Handbook of Cuffless Blood Pressure Monitoring: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, Researchers, and Engineers

This book is the first comprehensive overview of the emerging field of cuffless blood pressure monitoring. Increasing clinical evidence proves that longitudinal measurements of blood pressure allow for earlier detection and better management of multiple medical conditions and for superior prediction of cardiovascular events. Unfortunately, today’s clinical and industry standards for blood pressure monitoring still require the inflation of a pneumatic cuff around a limb each time a measurement is taken. Over the last decades clinicians, scientists and device manufacturers have explored the feasibility of technologies that reduce or even completely eliminate the need of cuffs, initiating the era of cuffless blood pressure monitoring. Among the existing literature, this book is intended to be a practical guide to navigate across this emerging field. The chapters of the handbook have been elaborated by experts and key opinion leaders in the domain, and will guide the reader along the clinical, scientific, technical, and regulatory aspects of cuffless blood pressure monitoring.

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KidneySteps: 5-step survival guide for people with diabetes, hypertension, or kidney issues

An award-winning, 5-step survival guide for individuals at risk for or with kidney disease, including people with diabetes and hypertension, the two leading causes of kidney disease. The book is written by a kidney transplant donor and a kidney transplant recipient, and is edited by a leading nephrologist. It includes recent research, current statistics, and patient interviews. The book is written in understandable English. The 5 steps begin with “your odds” quizzes to help readers determine their risks for developing kidney disease and surviving the disease, or dialysis, or transplant. Step 2 is devoted to current information on kidney disease and the factors leading to it–diabetes, hypertension, obesity. The subjects covered in Step 2 are progressive, moving from kidney anatomy and function; through disease causes and diagnosis; to dialysis and transplantation. The interspersed interviews, statistics, and applicable research give each chapter variety and add interest. KidneyStep 3 encourages self-management of health conditions and a lifestyle approach. It discusses depression in kidney patients and the often-ignored possibility of death as an alternative to dialysis. KidneyStep 4 is about nutrition and diet and is particularly relevant to diabetes and hypertension, the leading causes of kidney damage. The chapters provide a medically-sound diet plan and recipes. KidneyStep 5 encourages physical activity and provides both beginning and more advanced exercise suggestions designed by an exercise physiologist and demonstrated by the kidney-donor author.

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