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Blood Pressure Log Book: Spacious 2-Page Side-By-Side Format Tracking Journal, Daily AM/PM Home Monitor Book (Blood Pressure Diary)

52-Week Blood Pressure Log Book

Monitor your blood pressure readings throughout the day with this simple logbook. Weeks are displayed side-by-side across two pages, and each day has space for four measurements (2x am, 2x pm).

Log fields:

  • Week starting date
  • Time of log
  • Blood pressure (Systolic & Diastolic)
  • Heart rate (pulse)
  • Daily notes
  • Weekly notes

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Blood Pressure Log Book: Weekly Undated Format Logbook for Recording Blood Pressure Readings | Daily Tracking for BP, Heart Rate, Stress, Nutrition, Activity Level, Sleep Quality

Blood Pressure Record Keeping Log Book


  • 36 weeks of undated recording space
  • Handy 6”x9” size fits in most handbags
  • Additional journal pages to keep track of questions for your doctor or make note of significant changes
  • Mini-weekly survey to keep track of health markers like stress, nutrition, water intake, activity level, and sleep quality
  • space for up to 5 recordings per day laid out in a two-page weekly format spread
  • No cookie cutter templates inside! All custom designed for functionality & usability

Prairie Annie Designs focuses on functional designs and layouts that put your organizational needs at the top of the list. We provide layouts that maximize space and offer flexibility for your own customization needs. Add lists, state your goals, track information, stay focused, and have a place to park your thoughts in one of our our customer-driven designs.

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