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Blood pressure & Blood Sugar Log Book Record: Notebook record for track blood sugar & blood pressure for the monitor to control your meal every day … and Bedtime : Blue flowing lines Cover

This logbook is important for your physician to have a record of your blood sugar and blood pressure to be able to make changes in your therapy if necessary.

A one-time reading at the physician’s office will not give a complete picture of your blood sugar or blood pressure changes.

It is also important to check at different times of the day to give an idea of when your blood sugar and blood pressure are or is not being controlled.

Please use this simple log to record the date, time, blood sugar/blood pressure reading, and any comments about your medications or how you were feeling at the time of the blood sugar/blood pressure reading.


  1. Personal Detail
  2. Table Mean Blood Glucose (Fasting)
  3. Table of Meaning of Blood Glucose Levels and Table of Blood Glucose optimal Levels
  4. Table of Blood Pressure Stage and Table of Blood Pressure Chart by AGE
  5. Blood sugar and Blood pressure Log (4 Time Record: Before and After | Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime)
  6. Extra Notes pages
  7. Dimensions 6″x9″
  8. Double-sided
  9. Cream paper
  10. Paperback, Premium matte finish softcover

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Inhale Love Exhale Gratitude White Cover: Monitor Your Blood Pressure Every Day

Stay heart healthy. Keep track of your blood pressure with this great log book.

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Blood Pressure Log Book: Monitor Your Blood Pressure Every Day

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If you want to stay healthy and keep your blood pressure under control, this blood pressure logbook is for you. These days high blood pressure is a serious problem. This notebook can help you track your blood pressure and pulse so that you can show your results to a doctor.

  • Soft cover, matted
  • 53 Weeks
  • Space for writing notes
  • Medium size 6″ x 9″
  • 120 pages (60 sheets)

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