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2-year diabetes log book is designed to help you easily track your sugar levels throughout the day.Weekly Blood Sugar Diary,2 Years, Daily Diabetic Glucose Tracker Journal Book,(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Bedtime).Features: * Monday to Sunday tracking * Breakfast (before & after) *Lunch (before & after) *Dinner (before & after) *Bedtime (before & after) * Notes

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Dash Diet 2020: The Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight and Reduce Blood Pressure – 28 Days Meal Plane with 100 Healthy Recipes Full of Flavor. Super Easy 30 – Minute Cookbook for Busy People

Does hypertension run in your family?

Are you battling with lowering your blood pressure?

Do you know that your diet has an effect on whether or not you’ll have hypertension ?

If you’ve tried all the diet fads in search of a sustainable way to improve your health then you’re definitely ready to trade these fads for a tried and tested solution:

The DASH diet

This book explores research findings on the DASH diet, how you can follow it and limit your intake of sodium to the recommended amount.



It also delves into some menus and recipes that you can enjoy while on this diet. Also inside are great tips to help you start the DASH eating plan and make it a lifestyle. 
The DASH diet has consistently been ranked the best for a reason:

  • It’s realistic

  • It’s flexible

  • It’s balanced

This eating plan includes common foods offering a multitude of benefits for all ages. The flexibility of this diet makes it easier for you to make changes where necessary to adapt it to your needs. This diet has been backed by scientific research as a commitment to improved health among people living with high blood pressure and those with prehypertension.

Today, the kind of lifestyle we live is altogether different from what our precursors had. With the invasion of technology into our lives, we are getting busier and our life is full of pressure and stress and some of it likewise relies upon the manner in which we eat and what we eat. 
One of the real highlights of the DASH diet is restricting the admission of sodium, and consumption of nuts, entire grains, fish, poultry, foods grown from the ground. DASH Diet likewise encourages bringing down the consumption of red meats, desserts, and sugar. DASH diet food is rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, protein, and fiber. The diet means to reduce to the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in patients, in the meantime giving them a day by day caloric admission of 1699 to 3100 dietary calories. Since the DASH diet includes a high quotient of hostile to oxidant rich foods, it can avert ceaseless health issues like malignancy, heart illnesses, and stroke. 

By being on the DASH diet you won’t just lower your blood pressure, you will likewise, extraordinarily, decrease your danger of coronary illness
Since your aim is to control blood pressure, make DASH diet in conjunction with lifestyle changes can help you on this journey. It also can help you lose weight by simply changing your eating habits and incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

The main focus is to do something about what we can change-our lifestyle choices. Look at your lifestyle habits and decide where you can start the changes. Healthy lifestyle promotes happiness, decrease stress and improve overall health. Exercise is extremely important to lower your blood pressure.

This book covers the following topics:

  • What is the DASH Diet?

  • Pillars of the super-health

  • Fundamentals and benefits of the dash diet

  • The enemies to fight: sodium and sugar

  • Each recipe list the amount of sodium

  • 28 Days Meal Plan

  • …AND MORE !

What are you waiting for? Don’t wait anymore, press the buy now button and get started.

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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Wrist Cuff Machine, Large Digital Screen, Easy to Use, SEJOY BSP-21 Series, Batteries Included

TRUST THE INDUSTRY RECOGNIZED LEADER FOCUSED EXCLUSIVELY IN HOME CARE MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS FOR OVER 16 YEARS Take charge of your heart and health with the FDA Approved, Clinically Proven Accurate, and Individually Tested, professional grade SEJOY BP blood pressure monitors. The clinically validated, BSP-21 series fits most wrists 5.3-8.5 inches in diameter (13.5-21.5 cm). With the latest technology, our BP wrist units allow you to accurately and consistently keep track of and watch your systolic-upper blood pressure / diastolic-lower blood pressure, and heart rate with a simple to use one-touch button. BSP-21 clearly displays the month, day, hour, and minute after every reading, and will also display the average of the last three measurements on a large digital screen. Fast and Accurate, BSP-21 has an increased memory storage of up to 120 memories for one user. The BSP-21 blood pressure monitor wrist kit includes 2 AAA batteries as well a convenient portable deluxe carry case so you can check your blood pressure anywhere, anytime.

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