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FDA Approved Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 3 Mode 4 Cuffs Electronic Sphygmomanometer

CONTEC Features Fully automatic blood pressure measure   The Electronic Sphygmomanometer stores the measure results of three users automatically, and up to 100 items for every user.It can satisfy blood pressure measure requirement of all your family.   Three kinds of measure modes : adult, pediatric and neonatal.   By data review interface such as “data list”,”trend graph”,”big font”, NIBP data is clear at a glance.    Has the function of physiological alarm.It can be set the alarm limits,when blood pressure is higher than the high limit or lower than the low limit, the physiological alarm will occur.Alarm switch can be set.   Screen displays prompt message when the power is low,and the device gives low power prompt sound.The prompt sound switch can be set.  When there are factors which affect the measure in the process of measure and the device can’t get the measure result,the device can display the corresponding error message.   With short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time function can’t be affected.   Supply two kinds of NIBP measure unit: mmHg / kPa   Store measure results with date and time.   High-definition color LCD display,supply English/Chinese interface, strong visibility.  Communicate with PC,PC software can achieve data review, analysis measure results, seeing trend, printing reports and other functions. Function of automatic power-off. Software function PC software is connect to the device by USB interface Can download NIBP measure result of the terminal device Can display trend graph,histogram, pie chart,etc. Can edit every piece of NIBP data, and add annotation to it. Can edit basic information,doctor’s advice information, NIBP status instruction, current medicine-taken information, etc. Support print preview,print the report.

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Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor – Upper Arm Cuff – Large Screen – Accurate & Fast Reading Electronic Machine – Approved and Top Rated BP Monitors and Cuffs – iProven BPM-634 – for Home Use

Proven technology to help you take care
Our easy, no-nonsense home blood pressure monitor is equipped with our tried-and-true technology for optimal accuracy and consistency.

It comes with an upper arm cuff, which will help you to gain accurate insights into your blood pressure and heart health.

The large display is clearly readable, and the AHA indicator will show you whether your levels are within the healthy range.

The Irregular Heartbeat Detector will warn you if your heartbeat is irregular.

Designed to track your progress
If you’re familiar with high blood pressure and need to check your levels regularly, the easiest way to do so is in the comfort of your own home.

Our digital blood pressure machine comes with a memory for 60 readings, so you can measure daily for 2 months and track your progress.

Measuring every day will help you to know whether you’re headed in the right direction.

Our Home Blood Pressure Monitor won’t let you down. Why wait?

*Please note that your blood pressure may vary constantly due to many factors including stress, time of day. Even the way you wrap the cuff or hold your arm may influence the measurement.

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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor – Upper Arm Cuff – Large Screen – Accurate & Fast Reading Electronic Machine – Top Rated BP Monitors and Cuffs – FDA Approved – iProvèn BPM-634 – Home Use (White-Gray)

You’re aware your blood pressure may be too high. So, you’ve collected some healthy tips. You’re going to lower your salt intake. You will replace your coffee with tea. And you’re going to take a walk every day.

All you want to do now, is start tracking what works for you and what not. That’s where our Blood Pressure Monitor BPM-634 comes into play.

This device will make your life so much easier. Just wrap the cuff, press start and go! The BPM-634 gives you a flawless performance every time. This device not only reads upper blood pressure (Systolic), lower blood pressure (Diastolic) and the heartbeats per minute… but also shows if your heart rhythm is irregular and gives you the AHA level benchmark. Using the real 5 colours and not just 4.

Measurements work as easy as this:
1.Sit near a table
2.Roll up your sleeve
4.Wrap the cuff around your arm;with the ART sign at your artery
5.Relax for a minute
6.Press start
7.Wait 30 seconds
8.And know your blood pressure as well as AHA level and heart rate.

As always, you’re protected by a 100 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee and world class customer service.

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