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Blood Pressure Monitor by CIGII,Accurate Automatic Upper Arm Bp Machine & Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Cuff 22-40cm, 2×120 Sets Memory, 3 Colors LCD Backlight-FDA Approved ¡­

Common Questions Answered

Q1 : “Will the Cuff Fit My arm?”
A1:The B02 cuff is adjustable .fit the arm size:22-40CM (almost people range)
Q2:”How will I know if I’m positioned properly during my reading?”
A2:Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your arm on a table with your
palm facing upward and raise your cuff at the same level of your heart.

Q3:”Why Does My Blood Pressure Fluctuate?”
A3 :It’s normal for people’s blood pressure to vary every day-as much as 20mmHg up or down.
It’s also normal if it’s higher or lower at the doctor’s office. Be sure
to discuss your results with your doctor.

Q4:”How do I get a best result ?”
A4:Take 3 Blood Pressure Monitor readings and average them for best results.

Q5:What should I need to do before take a readings ?
A5:Calm down and relax for 15 minutes ,don’t smoking ,drinking Coffee or
alcohol,sport,spicy ,or bathing

Q6:What’s the best time to take a reading ?
A6:the best time to measure blood pressure is 1 hour after geting up
in the morning ,or before going to bed at night

Q7:”How should I do if there are problems ?”
A7:Leave message and tell us what problems you have , and we will try our best to help you

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My Blood Pressure Logbook Journal: A Cute Portable Daily Undated Blood Pressure Record Book, Form Notebook, Organizer, Dairy and Monitoring Heart … Individuals in Blue White colors

Watch your blood pressure and track your readings with our blood pressure log book. Use this Blood pressure log for your daily measurements and you can send it directly to your doctor when necessary.


  • Pocket size 6 x 9 Inches can be easily put in your purse or bag!
  • Records – Date / Time / Blood pressure reading Systolic & Diastolic / Heart Rate (Pulse) / Medication Taken, special circumstances etc.
  • Blood Pressure by Age chart
  • Monday To Sunday
  • 53 Weeks for 1 year
  • Includes Space for weekly Notes
  • Perfect for people at risk for high and low blood pressure

This Blood Pressure Log Book can help you to stay on top of blood pressure problems before they spiral out of control.

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