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CAZON Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Upper Arm FDA Approved Automatic BP Machine Digital Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Meter 2×120 Memory Hypertension Detector

Get ready to measure your blood pressure.

Avoid eating, smoking as well as all forms of exertion directly before the measurement. All these factors influence the measurement result.

Try and find time to relax by sitting in an armchair in a quite atmosphere for about 10 mins before the measurement.

Attempt to carry out the measurements regularly at the same time of day and always on the same arm (normally left).

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Will the cuff fit large arms?

Our Easy-Wrap Cuff comfortably wraps around standard and larger arms, 8.7″ to 15.7″ in circumference.

Measure your upper arm with a cloth tape measure to determine the best fit.

2. Why is it important to monitor blood pressure everyday?

The blood pressure changes are not always noticeable. However, high or low blood pressure can cause serious diseases, such as heart attack or stroke.

Moreover, the innormal blood pressure can be a symptom of many diseases. So it is important to record changes in blood pressure every day.

3. Why does my blood pressure fluctuate throughout the day?

Individual blood pressure varies multiple times every day. If the person takes medicine, the pressure will vary more.

It is also affected by the way you apply the cuff and measurement position, so please take the measurement under the same condition.

Wait at least 3 minutes for another measurement.

4. Why do I get a different blood pressure at home compared to the doctor’s office?

The blood pressure is different even throughout the day due to weather, emotion, exercise, etc.

Also, there is the ‘white coat’ effect, which means blood pressure usually increases in clinical settings.

Home blood pressure measurement may vary as much as 10-20 points from ones taken at your doctor’s office.

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Blood Pressure Monitor, CAZON Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Digital Hypertension Detector Automatic Heart Rate Pulse Monitor with Large Screen Display Home Use Care Device

Do you want to have blood pressure checked anytime you need weather in the comfort of your home or while traveling?

Perhaps you’re looking for elderly-friendly home blood pressure monitor for your parents or elderly friends?

CAZON automatic arm blood pressure monitor is a perfect solution.

►WHO Classification

According to the WHO classification index, indicating the health status of blood pressure,

it is convenient for the user to accurately determine whether the blood pressure is normal.

►Professional Family Doctor

Fully automatic blood pressure monitor detects blood pressure, diastolic pressure and

systolic pressure in 30 seconds, especially convenient for seniors to use at home.

►Innovative Vertical design

It’s easy to read with large LED screen display and super-sized number values.

If 60S does not perform any operation, it will shut down automatically to save electricity.

►188 Readings for Two Users

Allows 2 users to monitor, track, and store separately on the 1 device. Every user can record

up to 99 reading memory, more convenient to help you make a health management.

►Convenient to Carry

BP testing machine comes with carrying bags that ensures storage’s reliability.

Due to its compact size you can take cazon blood pressure monitor wherever you go.

►Your Satisfaction is Our Ultimate Goal

Thank you for shopping with us. If you’re not totally satisfied with our products, simply

get in touch with us and we’ ll happily deal with any questions. Many thanks.

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