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TUREJO Blood Pressure Monitor Accurate Automatic Upper Arm Bp Machine & Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Cuff 22-36cm, 2×90 Sets Memory, LCD Backlight & LED light – Device Bag & 4AAA Included

【Clinically Accurate】Fully automatic blood pressure monitor has advanced measuring technique, to provide you the most accurate reading. Convenience to track your health every day.

【Double User Mode & 240 Memory Function】The BP monitor has double user mode, 240 memory storage with date & time. Switch memory between two users to reading the memory for each person.

【One Key Operation】The digital blood pressure is fully automatic, just need press one “Start” key to measurement your blood pressure and heart rate. All process just need half minute.

【Large LCD and Backlight Display】Large LCD digital backlight display, you can read clearly anywhere. Even the elderly also can reading clearly in the evening.

【Adjustable Comfortable Cuff 】The blood pressure cuff Length is 8.7 inches to 15.7 inches, the standard size is suitable for all person in your family.

【Measuring blood pressure and Irregular heartbeat】The BP monitor can monitoring your blood pressure and heart rate, check your health at anytime.

【Professional blood pressure monitor】Your professional family doctor, Turejo, is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and convenient services to protect your health and make your life simple and elegant.

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Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor,Ivkey Blood Pressure Cuff with Large Backlight LCD Display-BP Monitor, BP Cuff for Detecting Irregular Heartbeat-2 * 99 Memories, 2AAA and Carrying Case Include

Product description

Do you have hypertension and need to check your blood pressure at least once a day, but you hate going to the doctor?

Maybe you take care of your health, want to check your blood pressure on a regular basis and searching for device for self-measurement of BP?

Perhaps you’re looking for elderly-friendly home blood pressure monitor for your parents or elderly friends?

We are proud to introduce you the LATEST Ivkey wrist type BP blood pressure monitor with irregular heartbeat indicator – easy to use and accurate measuring device that will help to keep track of your blood pressure level within minutes

High blood pressure machine has easy-to-read large LCD display, big buttons and numbers; equipped with auto power off function – everything is well-thought-out

To achieve incredibly accurate measuring we used advanced technology; each wrist BP monitor has been tested and FDA approved, so they give results that you can trust

BP heart rate monitor has a mode that stores up to 198 readings with date and time stamps – this automatic blood pressure monitor provides the opportunity to keep track of your BP for a long time

BP testing machine comes with plastic case that ensures storage’s reliability; due to its compact size you can take wirst blood pressure monitor wherever you go

To avoid measuring your BP improperly please read and follow the instruction manual carefully before using digital BP cuff the first time

Do you want to have blood pressure checked anytime you need wether in the comfort of your home or while traveling?
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Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Large Cuff – Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Machine with LED Backlight – Accurate BP Monitors Kit – 2 Users, 99 Memory, Batteries Included

For 2 Users, Stores 99 Readings Each

You can share your DrKea Blood Pressure Monitor with a family member or friend without being confused about your last stored memory reading. Monitor your blood pressures and pulse rate with ease of mind. You may store up to 99 readings for each user and each reading comes with date and time stamp. No more manual recording of your readings all the time!

Latest AccuRead Technology 

With our latest AccuRead Technology which comes with cuff detection and misoperation reminder icons, you never have to worry about taking wrong measurements again. 

Steps for Accurate Measurement:

1. Sit and rest for about 5 min before taking your blood pressure

2. Place cuff on your upper arm just above your elbow. Rest your elbow on the table. Ensure that the cuff strap is at your heart level.

3. On the machine and “Select the User” if required. Press “ON” to operate the blood pressure machine. 

4. Do not talk or move around while taking any readings. Always take measurement at the same time of the day. 


1. Will the cuff fit my large arm?

Our large cuff is able to fit upper arm size 9″ – 17″. Measure your upper arm with a cloth tape to ensure the best fit. 

2. How will I know if my readings are in or out of range?

There is an idicator on the left side of the screen, “N” means you are in the normal range. Level 1, 2, 3 indicates the hypertension range, from mild to severe with increasing levels.

3.Why does my blood pressure fluctuate?

It’s normal for your blood pressure to vary from day to day, up to 20mmHg up or down. It’s also common for it to be higher or lower at the doctor’s office. Be sure to discuss your results with your doctor.

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