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FDA Approved Fully Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor 3 Mode 4 Cuffs Electronic Sphygmomanometer

CONTEC Features Fully automatic blood pressure measure   The Electronic Sphygmomanometer stores the measure results of three users automatically, and up to 100 items for every user.It can satisfy blood pressure measure requirement of all your family.   Three kinds of measure modes : adult, pediatric and neonatal.   By data review interface such as “data list”,”trend graph”,”big font”, NIBP data is clear at a glance.    Has the function of physiological alarm.It can be set the alarm limits,when blood pressure is higher than the high limit or lower than the low limit, the physiological alarm will occur.Alarm switch can be set.   Screen displays prompt message when the power is low,and the device gives low power prompt sound.The prompt sound switch can be set.  When there are factors which affect the measure in the process of measure and the device can’t get the measure result,the device can display the corresponding error message.   With short-time power storage function, when replacing the battery, the clock time function can’t be affected.   Supply two kinds of NIBP measure unit: mmHg / kPa   Store measure results with date and time.   High-definition color LCD display,supply English/Chinese interface, strong visibility.  Communicate with PC,PC software can achieve data review, analysis measure results, seeing trend, printing reports and other functions. Function of automatic power-off. Software function PC software is connect to the device by USB interface Can download NIBP measure result of the terminal device Can display trend graph,histogram, pie chart,etc. Can edit every piece of NIBP data, and add annotation to it. Can edit basic information,doctor’s advice information, NIBP status instruction, current medicine-taken information, etc. Support print preview,print the report.

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Blood Pressure Monitor, 2020 Upgraded Automatic Upper Arm Digital BP Machine/Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Adjustable Wrist Cuff, 2×120 Reading Memory, Large Screen&Talking Function – FDA Approved

Blood Pressure Monitor, Automatic Upper Arm Digital BP Machine/Pulse Rate Monitoring Meter with Adjustable Wrist Cuff, 2×120 Reading Memory

【Item Specification】
❤ Rated voltage: DC6V (4*AA batteries ), output USB 5V interface.
❤ Measurement range and accuracy: 0 ~ 299mmHg, +-3mmHg.
❤ Pulse range and accuracy: 40 ~ 180 times / min,5%.
❤ Cuff circumference range of 22-40cm.
❤ LCD viewing area: 3.5 inches
❤ Dimensions: 132*112*70.5 mm.
❤ Weight: 410g

【Item Feature】
❥ Calibration check system uses dual sensors to automatically double-check each reading
❥ 120-memory storage capacity for each user (240 total) with date & time stamp
❥ Large LCD display with Oversize numbers for easy reading
❥ Standard adult D-Ring cuff comfortable fits arms 8.6 to 15.7 inches
❥ The bp apparatus optionally averages the last three readings for optimal accuracy.
❥ Irregular heartbeat detector detects and alerts you of irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being measured
❥ Automatically removes user errors such as breathing & noise from movement during measurement that can give inaccurate readings

【Note】 : 4 AAA batteries or AC adapter (6V 1A) is required, the USB charing cable is included but batteries and AC adapter are not included.
❤ All the UTOPB blood pressure monitors are the best bang for your buck. Our portable bp monitor allows you to keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate easily at home.

【Package Included】
1 x Blood Pressure Monitor
1 x Arm Cuff
1 x USB Cable (for powered only)
1 x Carry bag
1 x User Manual

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Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Pulse Rate Monitoring Accurate Large Screen Display Home Use Care Device Adjustable Cuff Portable Case Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor FDA Approved

Product Description:

One way to protect yourself against thedangers of hypertension is to get in the habit of monitoring your bloodpressure at home. Connecting home monitoring with hospital diagnosis, JNK bloodpressure monitor upper arm aims to become your “health consultant”. JNKbelieves that the data measured by home health management are essential fordoctors’ diagnosis.



Smart Pressurization: Core biosensortechnology ensure each measurement is accurate.

Adjustable Cuff Size: Closer to arm shape,soft and easy to wear.

Irregular heartbeat indicator and pulserate measurement at the same time.



Follow the recommendations below to getaccurate readings:

Sit up straight with both feet flat on thefloor

Breathe normally and avoid talking ormovement

Keep your BP monitor cuff with your heartat the same level.

Monitor BP at the same time every day.


The best time to monitor blood pressure iswithin 1 hour after getting up in the morning or before going to bed at night. Ifyou are taking antihypertensive drugs, then monitor BP before taking them. Itis better to take a measurement when your body and mood are in a stablyrelaxing situation.


Avoid the following activity to monitor theBP:

Use of nicotine, alcohol, or caffeinewithin 30 minutes prior

Exercise or other strenuous activities

Taking the measurement with a full bladder


Other Details:

Measurement range:

Pressure: 30 – 280mmHg;

Pulse: 40 – 199pulse/min


Pressure: ±3mmHg

Pulse: ±5%

Cuff Size: 22- 32cm

LCD size: 62*75mm

Memory: Single90 group memories

Power supply: 4pcs AA*1.5V Batteries or DC 6V


Package Includes:

1 Blood Pressure Monitor Machine

1 Upper Arm Cuff

1 Carry Case

1 User Manual

1 Gift Box

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