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Medvice Manual Blood Pressure Cuff – Universal Size Aneroid Sphygmomanometer – Nurses BP Monitor – Best Adult BP Machine

When you have a serious health condition that requires regular and accurate blood pressure monitoring, you need a quality machine that’s reliable and easy to use. The Medvice Blood Pressure Cuff is all of that and more. We outfitted this device with premium quality components from start to finish. We manufacture the cuff from durable hypoallergenic non-latex nylon. We ensured it would fit every adult arm, from small to extra-large (22cm to 42cm). We gave it a zinc alloy body, so it’s tough and durable. For the mechanical components, we provided a prestige metal air needle valve. And a non-stop manometer mechanism and a supercharger check valve. We equipped our machine with a reticulated filter to prevent harmful dust buildup inside the device. We provide a calibration key so that you can make sure the device is giving accurate results. Finally, we made the dial numbers big and easy to read. And we’ve included a carrying case, so it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go. So whether you want a reliable and accurate blood pressure monitor for home use or you’re a nurse and require a professional device, Medvice has the machine for you. (Please note: kit does not include stethoscope)

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Pink Lymphedema – No Bp/IV/Needles Silicone Bracelet – 3 Adult Sizes! (Lot of 2) (7.5)

** LYMPHEDEMA NO BP/IV/NEEDLES THIS ARM ** Is printed on each bracelet. Bracelets are 100% silicone rubber, hygienic, and will not create any allergic issues. The color is Pink (may vary from image). Features a breast cancer ribbon and medical symbol on each bracelet. Available in 3 Sizes!! Small Adult is 7.5″ Standard Adult is 8″ Large Adult is 8.5″ Sold in a lot of 2. PLEASE NOTE Each size may vary in Style and Color. SIZE 7.5 is Hot Pink in color, SIZE 8 IS A brighter/shinier PINK, Size 8.5 is a Light Pink.

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ADC Prosphyg 768 Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer with Adcuff Nylon Blood Pressure Cuff, Adult, and Carrying Case, Teal

The prosphyg 768tl features a contemporary black enamel 300mmhg no-pin stop manometer.

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