I’m Fine: Blood Pressure Journal – Must Have Among High Blood Pressure Monitor Accessories – Heart Rate Pulse Tracker at Home – BP Log Book – Health Organizer

Checking your blood pressure at home is an important part of managing high blood pressure (hypertension). If you have already got high blood pressure monitor the next step to care about yourself is to get a Blood Pressure Journal ( BP Log Book). No matter what type of  BP and Heart Rate (Puls) monitors you use

It’s time to start keeping a record to stay healthy!


This thorough, helpful and easy-to-use Blood Pressure Tracking Journal allows you to make records and keep control of blood pressure. 

  • BP measurements through the day
  • Heart Rate (Puls) measurements through the day
  • daily notes
  • Current medication chart
  • your mood checkbox
  • space for the questions for your doctor
  • Why do I need to monitor my blood pressure at home?
  • Blood Pressure Readings Explained
  • blood pressure measuring tips
  • Blood Pressure Categories chart
  • What should you know about your heart rate?
  • it is 6 x 9 in and provides enough space to jot down everything needed
  • ideal for quick record keeping at home, at work, or on the go
  • 135 pages for 60 weeks of daily entries

Going through the process of writing down your Blood Pressure Readings has a major impact on you actually keeping your health. Grab a copy for yourself (and for a friend!) and get started today!


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